Наш адрес: 198095, Санкт-Петербург, ул. Зои Космодемьянской, д. 3
Телефон: 8 (812) 786-51-48


The theatre "At Narva Gates" was founded in 1990 by Valentina Lutz. All these years the Theatre has successfully staged plays for children aged 3 to 12 years based on the Russian and foreign classical and contemporary drama.
Each year the Theatre offers more than 400 performances in total visited by more than 30.000 spectators. In addition theater often plays its performances in other theatrical venues of the city.

Each year, the theatre produces two or three new plays and always pleases the audience with new approaches to the material and fresh theatrical solutions. Now there are more than 30 plays for children, and three performances for adult audiences in the repertoire.
Troupe is composed of 18 actors - graduates of the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts and other universities of the country. Many of the performances are set by the Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Golub and honored artist of Russia Alexander Dubrovin. The theatre also invites actors from other well-known theatres of St. Petersburg. In addition, the theatre has an extensive experience of working with foreign partners, including Bulgaria, Ireland, Estonia and Sweden.
The theatre often goes on tours to other cities of Russia and abroad (Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, etc.).
The theatre regularly participates in city festivals "Christmas Parade" and "Theater of St. Petersburg to children" and is repeatedly awarded with diplomas. The theatre also took part in the international festivals. In August 2012 our company participated in the 2nd International children's festival Bitolino 2012 and was awarded honored diploma. In October 2012 the theatre was invited on the International festival of theatre for children and young people Luceafarul in Romania, Iasi and was awarded Excellence Diploma for the exquisite performance Cinderella-comic-version.

Theatre at Narva Gates made a show Canterville Ghost’ as a coproduction with ‘Babec theatre (Macedonia). The performance has taken part in four festivals: in the third international festival ‘Bitolino-2013’ (Macedonia, Bitola, 2013) and in the ‘Third Festival of Puppets Theatres (Prishtina, Kosovo, 2013) in "Luceafarul" festival ( Iassi, Romania 2014)and was awarded by honored diplomas.

In 2015 Valentiba Nutz chaired the jury of the 5th annual jubilee festival "Bitolino-2015". In 2016 theatre won Grand Prix at the same festival.

Technical details:
- hall with 53 seats;
- rich equipment (light and sound);
- size of the stage: 5,5 x 7.0 x 4.0 m.
We would be pleased to cooperate with theatres in your country and to present our plays there in local language.

E.Т.А. Goffman «The Nutcracker»
V. Glazkov «The Charmed castle»
V. Orlov «The Golden chicken»
S. Mikhalkov « The Three Little Pigs»
K. Mashadu « The abduction of onions»
H. C. Аndersen «The Shepherdess and The Chimney sweep»
D. Urban «All mice love cheese»
G. Sapgir «The Magic sword»
E. Schwarz «Little Red Riding Hood»
G.Sokolova «Finist - the Bright Falcon»
V. Lutz «The surprise of Father Frost»
V.Burmistrov «The White Sorcerer»
S. Aksakov «The Scarlet floret»
N.Shuvalov « The Cat in boots»
S. Mikhalkov «The Presumptuous Hare»
V.Golub «Pushkin's Fairy tales»
G.K.Andersen «Thumbelina»
A.Hait «Birthday of cat Leopold»
L.Kerroll « Alice in Wonderland »
Y. Korinez «Little Baba-Jaga»
S. Kozlov «On the green oceans` hills»
A. Arbuzov «Guilty people»
M. Vorfolomaev «Little piglet Knok»
Сh. Perrault «Cinderella» S.Michalkov "The cat's house"

N. Shuvalov "Little Thumbling"
Oscar Wilde "Canterwille Ghost"
Russian folk story "Morozko"
Nikolay Nosov "The adventures of Neznaika
Valentina Lutz "Mary's adventures in the forest"
Antoian de Saint-Exupery "The little prince"
AugustStrindberg "Fröken Julie"
Gennady Gladkov,VasilyLivanov, Yuri Entin "TheBremenTownMusicians"